Stay in control. Beat the Dangle Tangle.

So you got Apple earbuds with your iPod® or iPhone®? Are your earbuds doing the “Dangle Tangle”? One of the biggest complaints about the iPod® is the earbuds. Sadly, for some people they just don't fit right. But for everyone else, BudClipz can help. It’s so simple. With BudClipz attached, when your earbuds fall out or you take them out, they don’t just fall to the ground and get tangled. Instead, they stay conveniently within reach and in control at shoulder height. This also helps minimize stress on the tiny earbud wires that can cause them to fail. BudClipz are so easy to use that they just snap on to your existing Apple earbuds. The colored leash wraps around the back of your neck and the clips then attach directly to your earbuds. The fit is so precise and they are so small, you can’t tell you’re even wearing them. And the system also gives iPod and iPhone fans a choice. Included in the same retail box are 5 different colored leashes matching the most popular iPod colors. So say goodbye to the “Dangle Tangle” and hello to BudClipz!

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fits both

Fits both

BudClipzTM is compatible with both iPod® and iPhone®
(originally included earbuds in the original retail packaging)

Intuitive Devices, Inc.